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Our Story

Yarumba Restaurant and Lounge Overview

Yarumba opened its doors to the public on April of 2013; it began as a vision by a group of individuals with a passion for customer service, a respect for Dominican and international cuisine, and a love for entertainment and events. We have created a welcoming space: Uniquely geared towards great service and daring cuisine that represents “un reto al paladar” (a dare to your palate), combined with a musical environment where we can recreate a place for every occasion.

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Our vision of being one of the best Dominican restaurants in the United States, a place of fusion with Dominican roots, has come true, and we will continue to improve in order to satisfy even the most demanding taste buds. We have left a distinct mark in the culinary movement of Miami’s creative Dominican cuisine, giving tradition an innovative spin. Our work has been recognized by the “Miami New Times," “The Hungry Black Man,” “Island Origins magazine," “The sun sentinel,” and others.

We have also participated in many different gastronomy festivals, such as El Festival Gastronomico dominicano, Dominican festival at Doral, Miami Gardens Food and Wine festival, Chefs of the Caribbean, Taste the Islands Experience, Out to Brunch by Miami New Times, The Best Of by Miami New Times, Sweet and Sips by Miami New Times, Jamaican Jerk Fest, Creole Food Fest, Taste of Haiti, and Spice it up Miami, among others.

Media outlets including “Hoy Día” from Telemundo, “Despierta América” from Univisión, América TV, radio shows, streaming shows, newspapers, and magazines often request that we write about or give presentations of Dominican Gastronomy on special and notable dates. We are recognized by the cities of Miami, Doral, and Miami Gardens for our contributions to Dominican cuisine and to the community, because we are always willing to pitch in and we are always willing to serve the community.

In entertainment, Yarumba brought to the stage many Dominican artists such as El Prodigio, Giovanni Polanco, Yoskar Sarante, Ramon Orlando, El Chaval de la Bachata, Aramis Camilo, Camboy Estevez, Fausto Rey, Raulin Rosendo, Alex Bueno, El Rey Tulile, and Agapito Pascual, among others. In these last 10 years, our community and diners have made Yarumba a family tradition for their special occasions, a place to impress guests, or simply a place to experience that flavor synonymous with Yarumba.